The importance of having a well-structured website currently is crucial, now everything has become digital through the huge advancements in technology. Companies and brands use their websites for many things whether that may be for selling goods and services or even just providing information, a news site like ourselves. However, they all require the same factors to become useful and successful, we have outlined the most important in functionality and appearance to help you on your journey of creating a website.



Arguably the most important aspect of your website is the functionality, is it useable? The website must run fluently with no glitches. Every element of the site should run effectively to fill its purpose. If your website has not been produced properly it can leave your customers feeling frustrated with the site, if this happens it can cause potential customers to turn away as you will gain a bad reputation. Even worse being that customers may convert to competitor sites! It’s all about creating a great user experience to keep your customers happy, you can do this by making the website more engaging using links, contact forms and live chat. This allows your customers to get what they need from your site, in whichever sense that may be.

Be sure that your website isn’t cluttered, and each page of the site is clear and concise and gets straight to the point, this will reduce your bounce back rate. Remember that it’s likely your customers will want to retrieve information quickly once they land on your website, to help this you should make sure that the text on your pages are clearly categorised with headings etc. Referring to the point made about the rise in technology, many people prefer to access the internet via their smartphones rather than taking the time to open sites on a desktop device. This means that now It is so important that your website is mobile friendly to accommodate this, some businesses may also choose to have a free app to make access even easier. This should be supported by a quick loading time; the last thing customers want when entering a site is to have to wait to access it.



Okay, some would argue that the appearance side of the site is not as important as the actual functional workings of the website, but this is absolutely the wrong mindset to have. The aesthetics of the website is sometimes all it takes for someone to stay on your site and browse, if a customer was to open a poorly designed website that was blunt and generic they may question the legitimacy of the site. It’s vitally important to have a classy colour scheme, based on whatever your brand is, the colours should reflect that. Be careful not to overdo it though, it’s always best to get opinions when your website is designed.

Imagery can be a huge aspect of your website, you must be sure that the images used are not pixelated and the size is appropriate to your design. Be aware that some images may have copyright, therefore, you must avoid these and use either personally owned images or ones that are free to use for whatever you wish. Use high-quality photography and really lift the page, fresh new images that have never been seen before will catch the eye of your target market. Remember that fonts are a lot more important than some realise, selecting the suitable font will enhance your web pages dramatically without your realising. An appropriate font, with the right colour and background, can make all the difference!