Vlogging has took the world by storm and has created one of those buzzwords that will ultimately land itself in the Oxford English Dictionary in a couple of years. Vlogging has fast became one of the leading sources of revenue for vloggers. Usually done through external means here are a few tips on how to grow your vlog and increase those revenues. Here are 5 steps to creating that vlog you’ve always dreamed off.

Create an AdSense account and enable monetisation

An AdSense account is the first step to take if you want Google and Youtube to be able to monetize your vlog. This Google powered piece of software will allow advertisers to place ads on your channel while also allowing you the vlogger to monitor your progress. Additionally, you will need to go to the settings on your account and click ‘Enable Monetisation’ to start the process.

Find a niche and pick a category

It’s well known that certain categories or subject matter attracts more views, but with increased popularity there’ll be additional competition. The key to creating a successful vlog is find a niche that has a large market and quite a lot of depth to create content from. We’ve seen through current trends that it’s often vlog hybrids that work very well. For example, gamers like KSI have mixed gaming with comedy and H3H3 productions have found a niche with a hybrid of irreverent humour and cultural commentary. A mixture of niche category and targeting an unrepresented audience could be the perfect entry method into the world of blogging. It’s the same recipe for success we’ve seen throughout media but anyone can enter the Vlogosphere rather than select individuals. And If you work, it works.

Become an authority and target brands

Beauty blogging has become a huge market and a brilliant destination for brands to advertise products. Youtube has recently became an invaluable tool at targeting specific demographics that would struggle to be targeted by more traditional means like Television, Billboards or Radio. In respect of this brands will often pay vloggers to advertise and positively review a product meaning the vlogger will become a trusted name within the industry by connection as well as earning ad sales and free products.

Momentum and Presence is key

As the old saying goes Rome was not built in a day and neither will your vlog. At times it may seem that your Vlog is pointless. Your receiving minimal views and your content doesn’t seem to be engaging with your target audience. One day something will stick. Get into the routine of adding regular content and developing a personal brand, hone your craft and find out what you enjoy. Once you do unearth something that goes viral it may light the fuse for your future audience. Trends are started by people, and they gather momentum through people, it’s like the old snowball effect. Act big early to develop your brand as time goes on.


There’s a lot of parallels between digital marketing strategies and vlogging. Take outreach marketing for example. The process in which larger powered sites direct traffic to your brand or product through an internal link. Network and gain the attention of established vloggers or create relationships with new bloggers to form a community. The nod of approval from a powerful vlogger may be the nudge you need to get your blog flying.

These are just some of the basic points to take into your brand new Vlog, but the important thing to do is have fun and vlog about something you care about.