Now, you may think tourist attractions in the UK are only scattered around London however, we’ve put together our top 5 rated landmarks in Britain from up and down the country. So, if you’re British yourself and fancy a shorter trip away to a place you’ve never been to before, this is the ultimate guide for scoping out some new scenery. This applies just as much to those who live outside the UK and have maybe never heard of some of the smaller cities and regions and what they offer! Now it’s time to kick back as we take you through some iconic and beautiful landmarks.

5. Angel of the North, Gateshead.

Fancy a trip up to Tyne and Wear? If so, be sure to make a stop at Anton Gormley’s famous Angel of the North. The steel statue stands at 66 feet tall and 177 feet wide, it really is the stand out landmark up in the North East as it towers above the land. Arguably the greatest spot for a little pic-nick on this list, with plenty stretches of green surrounding it.

The angel itself was erected in 1998 and cost a staggering £800,000 to make, the majority of this was funded by the National Lottery. You can walk straight up to the angel without paying a single penny!

4. Stonehenge, Wiltshire

A prehistoric monument located just west of Amesbury in Wiltshire. Each stone stands at around 13 feet tall and 7 feet wide, with each weighing around 25 tons…might be something to be wary of when visiting, if you have a special access pass. Although there is no definite date as to when this remarkable setting was created, archaeologist reports suggest that it was sometime between 3000 to 2000 BC. A real British cultural icon and fantastic scenery for photographs!

Stonehenge itself is owned by the Crown, the site is managed by English Heritage. The surrounding land that makes up experience is owned by the National Trust. View ticket prices here:

3. The Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim

You can find The Giant’s Causeway on the north coast of Northern Ireland, just north east of the town Bushmills. It was formed in result of an early volcanic eruption leaving around 40,000 linking basalt columns. Back in 1986 it was stated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the following year a national nature reserve by the Departments of the Environment for Northern Ireland.

Just to put in perspective as to how highly admired this landmark is, in 2005 the radio times released the results of a poll of its readers in which ranked it as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the UK. Here are the prices for those who wish to visit:

2. Blackpool Tower, Blackpool

The seaside resort is renowned for it’s exuberant antics, located on the Lancashire coast in North West England. Above all that, the pinnacle of the town is its 518 feet tall tower that looks over the joyous scenery below. The tower itself is ranked as the 120th tallest freestanding tower in the entire world, some feat. It opened on the 14th May 1894 after its design and production had been completed by two local architects, Charles Tuke and James Maxwell.

It has gone onto become a huge favourite within the Blackpool area, installing pride in the locals and becoming a regular visiting spot for others around the country. A magnificent location for families and kids to enjoy weekends away. Click the link to learn of ticket prices:

1. Buckingham Palace, London

The headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom, in the heart of Westminster. The building was originally built for the Duke of Birmingham back in 1703 and went by the name of Buckingham House, into the 19th century the building was enlarged, and work was continued over the years to reach the fabulous palace stature that we all know today. If you haven’t already walked up to the gates of the palace then we advise this to be your trip, an iconic landmark that is known throughout the world, also a fantastic location for days out when exploring the chaotic capital!

You may even get a chance to take photos with the guards on your visit and who knows, spot her majesty herself. If you want to go one better and walk into Buckingham Palace you can also do that by booking tickets, prices are included in the link below: