Golf courses have become so much more than just a place to whack a few balls, over the years they have transformed into beautiful resorts that are can be perfect for a weekend away. The game itself is recognised as one of the more popular sports on the planet, it’s relaxing and laid-back approach means that it is suitable for all kinds of people of all ages, golf courses are now designed to support this with the various extra facilities that they provide their guests. For some, it’s just solely about the golf but for others they look at a game of golf as more of a break away from everything, a chance to create a holiday around the game itself. We have listed our top 5 golf courses in the world, these courses are renowned for their incredible sights, carpet like playing surfaces and their extraordinary facilities that are worthy enough for the world’s greatest golfers and the world’s greatest golf tournaments. So, if you’ve always wanted to know how it feels teeing off where the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy have then this is the perfect guide in showing you where you can do just that!

St Andrews, Scotland

The old course located in Scotland is not only an iconic landmark in its native, it flies the flag of the sport nationally for Scotland. The world’s most famous links course is what you could describe as the spiritual home of golf after seeing out so many fantastic competitions over the years, the ‘Home of Golf’ boats hosting over 25 open championships, more than any other golf course on the rotation. St. Andrews goes down as one of the oldest golf courses around, with competitions taking place their dating right back to the 12th century. The Archbishop of St Andrews administered confirmation which allowed the community to play the beautiful game over the links. It formed a society called ‘The Society of St Andrews Golfers’ back in 1754, a decade on from that the courses 22 holes was reduced down to the standard 18. The course is one you have to have patience with, if you are new to golf or have never played the St Andrews Old you may find it takes time to get used to, but once you do what an unbelievable place to play it is.

Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

An astonishing golf course situated in the beautiful holiday-like town of Newcastle in Northern Ireland, the course lies surrounded by the imposing mountains of Mourne. It loving location is the perfect place for a links course, with a postcard standard view of the Irish Sea where the monstrous peak of Sieve Donard stands at 3,000 feet casting over the course. A school teacher based in Scotland who went by the name of George L. Baillie had set out on a venture after setting himself the task of establishing golf courses, George came across the perfect spot in Newcastle, Northern Ireland and went on to lay out the first 9 holes of the course and then opened it in 1989. Further down the line of that same year, Old Tom Morris came along and extended the course to 18 and the following year the course was all set for its first ever 18-hole game. The scenery of this course is definitely one of its more stand out points, a fabulous environment for taking in the wonders of Northern Ireland and of course a great game of golf.

Pine Valley, United States

George Crump, a Philadelphian hotelier is the man responsible for Pine Valley Golf course. His dream was to produce the course in New Jersey and he did just that but only for him sadly to pass away just before its completion. He left behind a legacy that demonstrate the perfect example of exquisite golf course architecture. The course which can be found on the New Jersey side of Philadelphia is recognised as the best golf course set in a bland countryside, it was that land that Crump began is work back in 1912. One he had received the routing approval of Harry Colt, work began and 14 holes were in place to play by 1916. Then three years later the course had its complete 18 holes but unfortunately it had come a year too late for Crump to see the finished masterpiece. Widely regarded as ‘The ultimate test of Golf’ due to the amount of time taken for anyone to make it round the course in 70 strokes, the course is a challenging one yet rewarding for those who embark on it.

Shinnecock Hills, Unites States

The design of Shinnecock Hills is down to that of Willie Davis, and a team of over 150 Indians who were neighbours to the area of the Shinnecock Hills. In 1891 Davis set out the first 12 holes of the course and began what can only be described as an authentic US golf course design with a warming traditional American style facility. In 1884 a head professional who went by the name of Willie Dunn extended the course by introducing another 6 holes to make up the famous 18-hole game. New land became available during the war and Charles B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor went and overhauled the course and added another 6 holes to it, in 1929 to 1931 a design firm built a whole new 12 holes and reformed the original design that was produced by Macdonald. The golf course was one of the first five members of the USGA and was where one of the first ever specifically designed club houses were constructed, showing how much history lies within the course. It was Stanford White who was responsible for the design of the clubhouse, it still stands high on the hill of the property and overlooks the stunning views of the course, a real classy view for those relaxing and preparing in the clubhouse.

Cypress Point

The big one it at the top is the Cypress Point, situated on the luscious pebble beach of California. The course itself is regarded as the cream de la crème of golfing, with very few being lucky enough to play it as an amateur golfer. Rumour has it, John F. Kennedy himself was once refused entry into the glamourous dining restaurant in the club house, it really puts into perspective how iconic this resort really is. The Golf course is said to have around only 250 members. Set at the foot of the Santa Lucia Mountains, on the tip of the Monterey Peninsula, the course overlooks some incredible views amongst a thrilling environment. Seth Raynor, who planted his influence on the Shinnecock Hills course also played his part in the production of the Cypress Point course but sadly passed away before the construction of it was completed, it was then when Dr Alister MacKenzie who is widely regarded as the world’s greatest architect ever stepped into finish off the remarkable job that Reynor had started. A combination of work from two marvellous designers saw an ‘out of this world’ course be completed in the 20’s.

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