In this day and age pretty much everyone uses a smartphone of some kind. whether that be an iPhone or an Android device one thing is constant the apps! Now we are all guilty of having apps on our phones that we don’t really need and just take up space. There are apps for almost everything nowadays from apps tracking your food consumption to apps that can show you what you will look like in 40 years However, the apps in this article are guaranteed to make your life a lot easier and help you on your day to day activities.


Now everyone no matter who you hate waking up from a lovely nights sleep to the gut-wrenching sound of their alarm clock going off at 7 is inevitably causing them to hit that heavenly snooze button for just another five minutes in bed. Thankfully this app will put a stop to that 5-30 mins snooze session and get you out of the bed and ready for the day ahead! The app forces you to partake in a task or two to stop the annoying alarm, these tasks include:

  • Taking a pre-determined picture
  • Shaking the phone a specific number of times
  • Solve a difficult maths puzzle

So far Alarmy has reported that it has woken up a whopping 13 million people already! That’s 13 million people up and ready to face whatever the world throws at them! Even the act of getting up and going to the bathroom wakes you up so alarmy is the best alarm clock you can find for being fresh and up for the day!


Always find yourself without money at the end of the working month? Keep delving deep into the money slump the week before payday? Well, all your prayers are now answered thanks to Mint! This revolutionary app gives you the organisational skills of the best and brightest thanks to its revolutionary managing system helping you save more and be more in touch with your money. These organisational wonders include such things as:

  • Inbuilt budgeting
  • Bill tracker
  • Credit score checker

With these great features managing your money has never been easier! And best of all this money managing app is as secure as they come with 256-bit encryption to keep all of your data safe and secure!

Couch To 5k

Do you find yourself wanting to get fitter but don’t know where to start? Well, we at Viral world may have the answer you’re looking for! This amazing app from the NHS gives you the motivation and training over a nine-week period helping you get fitter and eventually able to run a 5k run! Many people swear by this app as it has helped them towards leading a healthier lifestyle and feeling better within themselves. The app offers a program that fits around your lifestyle only taking up half an hour 3 days a week for a total of nine weeks. With such a large presence this app has become viral with tons of celebs and social influencers taking part so if you are nervous or worried about starting to have a look at their videos to give you some inspiration!

36 Questions

This app is one for the relationships out there! This app basically consists of 36 questions you ask your significant other to strengthen the bond between you both. The questions are meant to evoke an emotional or truthful response and allow the users to delve deeper into what makes their significant other happy. Some questions that appear are as such:


  • If you could invite anyone in the world to dinner, who would it be?
  • What do you value most in friendship?
  • Share an embarrassing moment in your life.
  • When did you last cry?


These questions range from the funny to the heart wrenching all culminating in a full 4 minutes of just staring into the other person’s eyes. This final task is meant to greatly improve your connection to the other person. It is said that 2 minutes is long enough to feel comfortable but 4 minutes I what truly solidifies a moment between two people. If you feel like your relationship needs a bit of a connection then this app will surely give that.


Ever been caught outside in the rain with just a t-shirt? Or have you ever been adamant that it will rain but it turns out to be a lovely day? Well, this app has the answer! Swackett has the unique function that it will take the forecast for a certain day out of the week and suggest an outfit or an item of clothing that will be perfect for that day! For example, if it is going to rain it will send you an alert warning you and reminding you to take an umbrella with you so you do not get caught in the rain! It’s a totally free app supported only by the iPhone (sorry Android users!) with wonderful graphics and a sleek welcome design which is easy to use as well as very efficient at what it does!


Phone apps are taking over in every aspect of life and it is only right that we make the most of it! From helping with picking the right clothes for the weather to getting closer to that special someone these apps truly do make everyday life that bit more easier and enjoyable even if it’s just a little improvement! At viral world, we strive to bring you the best in the viral news, lifestyle info and even tips on how to improve your everyday life with apps as seen in this blog! So if you want more information on pretty much anything viral stay tuned!