Language Tutor

Learning English is an important development for many when searching for personal growth. In English speaking countries we can often take it for granted that this is our mother tongue. Coming only second to Mandarin, English is the second most spoken language on the planet and transcends everyday life as a universal language across the far reaches of the world.

It can be an important fundamental skill to possess when educating yourself, gaining that job and opening up the opportunity to communicate with a wider range of people. Resources for learning English in many countries is sparse and learning English is often seen as a luxury. Alternatively, many students strive to learn more than just the basics, and for that an English tutor is necessary.

What is an English tutor?

Being an English tutor is quite a self-explanatory job titled but one that shouldn’t be taken lightly and a role that can be extremely rewarding. There are many ways you can learn to become an English teacher but you’re already half way there if you know how to speak another language. English tutors can earn significant hourly rates for tutoring students online via Skype Chats or audio and this has proven to be a highly efficient method.

English tutors are perfect for helping you increase your vocabulary, developing the phrasing in your writing and bringing you closer to that native level.

How do I become and English tutor?

There are many different methods and directions you can take if you want to get involved with being an English tutor. The first method is going down the traditional route of going to university and becoming a traditional teacher. This will be the most direct route to gaining genuine teaching experience and the confidence to explore a further range of teaching opportunities.

The second method is completing a TEFL course. TEFL is a qualification that allows you to teach English as a foreign language through a 3 month course designed to teach you the basics of how to teach foreign language students. TEFL is often used as a mechanism for change with many people using it as the catalyst for a career change and travel the world. Additionally, the more qualified you are the better jobs you can acquire round the world. The opportunities range from casual teaching jobs in Cambodia to Universities in China or schools in Germany.

Who do I teach?

The spectrum for the type of student you teach is diverse. It can range from pre-school kids all the way up to business professionals looking to enhance their careers and develop into international markets. There’s also quite a lot of private work involved with foreign teacher and it’s often the case that quite affluent far-eastern families.

Additionally, why not try out some charity work to gain experience there’s plenty foreign nationals within the UK who would jump at the chance to develop their English skills. This can include asylum seeks, migrant workers, unemployed, and more. Classes can be attended in community centres as well as giving students the opportunity to complete their English GCSE.

So why not get the ball in motion to become a language tutor today, travel the world while making a whole load of cash and teaching someone who is grateful the art of the English language.