Instagram Marketing

Instagram has become one of the leading social media apps in the world to the point where its became more than just a social platform. It has become life itself. A motivating factor to look good and feel good, or at least look like you feel good. This image of idealism and perfection is one that many of us try and achieve, and some people really do hit the spot. These people have become to be known as influencers.

Why are they called this? Well, they influence opinion, and trends via social media. But how do they gain this influence. A lot of us would like to live the lives celebrities lead, social media has created a microcosm of this. Despite how toxic this may be if you advertise yourself as the pin up for a brand then the world is your oyster.

How to grow a money-making Instagram feed

Settle on an aesthetic

Instagram is all about visuals and if you can create an account with a theme that appeals to the eye then you’re half way there. Try and channel your hobbies through your Instagram and build up that authority within your certain niche. It’s often the case that It’s the aspirational Instagram accounts that really drive the followers. As shallow as it may be fast cars and the image of a luxury life often create the perfect Instagram brand as opposed to something like, say fishing. Fishing will have the openings to make money but there isn’t the mass appeal that luxury brands possess.

Brand Sponsorship

Once you’ve built up a substantial following for your chosen aesthetic it may be a good idea to start getting in contact with a few brands in your related niche. In the current social media climate many brands are seeing Instagram as well as other platforms as a feasible marketplace to advertise their products. If an account has 10k followers then that’s a certain marketplace that you can penetrate that isn’t always assured in other mediums. It’s often the case that new brands will allow accounts with large followers to plug their products. This creates desire for a product by association. Recent movements and regulation surrounded branded content has changed and now it must be stipulated if a post is branded or not for transparency reasons.

Focus on building a quality following

When brands first start out they often go hashtag and follow crazy, tagging any term related to their business or following any account that they think may be able to give them a leg up. It’s better to let the content do the talking and let your follower base grow organically. There’s no point having 10,000 followers if half of them are bots or worthless accounts. 5000 real consumers is a better revenue stream than 10,000 fake. And please god, don’t buy your followers.

Follow these three steps in growing your Instagram brand but always remember on a platform like this your content is key. If it’s not aesthetically pleasing then nobody will be interested in working with you.