How to make money as a Copywriter

There are many ways to make money online but there’s few that require you to develop a skill. Copywriting can often be overlooked as a time-consuming and costly marketing tool despite how necessary it is. Nevertheless, it remains a necessary and important aspect of front end development and SEO strategy as well as giving something for your customers to read while on page.

Copywriting is a type of marketing material that can populate websites, newspapers and any other type of marketing material you cast your eyes upon. Copy is the name given to the words you see on the street everyday and copywriters are the creative brains behind those words.

There’s often two types of copywriting. There’s creative copywriting which is taken a lot more seriously than bulk content writing and is said to contain more skill. This is the sort of writing you may see on billboards, televised adverts etc. It’s that short and snappy text that really punches.

The latter form of copywriting is where you can really make the money by following highly procedural and instructive bulk work. If you can type fast and have ideas, then you can certainly make a healthy hourly wage. Copywriting of this form can take many forms including landing page text, product descriptions, blog posts, homepage text and more.

How to get involved with a career in Copywriting:

Write, Write, Write: The only way to improve your writing is to practice and read other writer’s work who you respect as a marker of your own quality. Once you practice you will improve in all areas of your craft. Your speed will improve as well as your copy which means more work can be sent to your client at a faster pace.

Build a portfolio and tout for business: It’s important to have a relevant and professional body of work behind you to advertise yourself to potential clients. It can sometimes be hard to gain experience without experience and can sometimes seem like a vicious circle but this is where you must be proactive and cunning.

Before contacting brands knock up some template copy to show how your work can benefit their business. If it works, it works. When you’re just starting out clients will not come to you, you will have to search for them and prove yourself. The best way to show them what you can do is by doing it for them.

Apply for Agency or In-house positions: Agency or in-house positions can be a great way of gaining hands on experience in the industry and building up a considered professional portfolio. Through in-house agency experience you will be able to gain proof that you have worked on digital campaigns and the ability to show your process to future clients. Working on one brand can be rewarding but can sometimes become stale. Agency work creates a work environment where you can work on a number of different clients gaining experience working in many different niches.

The great thing about Copywriting is there’s many different routes to take. There’s the option to go down the career path or work freelance but regardless of this you will find that you gain the opportunity to write about things you love as well as something things you never thought you’d write about in your life.