Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is just one of the many ways to make money online in the digital marketplace and is increasingly becoming a sure-fire way to generate revenue through targeted traffic. There are many people however who are unsure what affiliate marketing actually is?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing agreement between a retailer, brand, or company with a third party who will receive a commission for generating traffic or sales towards the respective website, brand, or product through the affiliate’s referral channels and links. In essence, you’re paying someone a slice of the pie for driving traffic towards you.

This article will explain 5 benefits of affiliate marketing and how you can implement these methods both as an affiliate and as a brand to earn money in 2018.

Performance measured; You get what you pay for.

The amount of money you make is completely down to yourself. If you put in the hours and seek out that high-quality traffic, then naturally the commissions will be higher than a bulk load of low-quality traffic. Both parties will only ever pay or be reimbursed for the quality of what they receive/generate, creating a cost-effective transaction for advertisers as well as a fair return for the affiliate. Once high performance is ensured it may create the plausibility to increase commission rates or agree on a more lucrative affiliate contract.

A global marketplace at your fingertips

Often affiliate marketers operate in very specific niches but traffic can be generated from all areas of the online world. Anyone can be an affiliate and the great thing about affiliate marketing is that the shop never shuts. Affiliates have low operating costs as well as access to a 24/7 market in your respective niche. The sheer expanse of your possible customer base is limitless depending on the quality of your affiliate services.

Better SEO Performance

As well as driving valuable traffic to your respective sites or product, having respected affiliates mentioning and linking to your brand across third party sites can be beneficial as a method of link building for your SEO strategy. This SEO boost acts a free additional bonus ball on top of the affiliate traffic that will be guided to your platform.

Brand Awareness

It’s often the case that within your specific niche there’s certain names that hold all the power or authority. Especially in a digital marketing sphere authority can come via many different marketing mechanisms. Sometimes it’s only natural that the aged trusted names who made their name on the high-street are immovable. Affiliate marketing will allow your site to feature on many different trusted sites. This creates a whole new platform for your site as well as creating an opportunity to generate some awareness towards your brand.

Trickle down Commission

It’s often the case that affiliates can have sub-affiliates working underneath them. Once the initial user has generated traffic the affiliate may have sub affiliates working on keeping this traffic at a certain level of quality.

Affiliate Marketing is the rising star of the money-making world but it’s certainly not an easy thing to master. To become a reputable affiliate takes a lot of hard work to establish the bedrock of the site your link will be housed upon. Once you have this solid platform; a site filled with content, links and traffic then it’s all downhill from there.