Who doesn’t love a bit of camping every now and again? A chance to recharge your batteries, get closer to nature and see sights that most people only dream of! The sites you will see while camping are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before from the lakes of the lake district to the fairy pools of the Isle of sky! It’s true that camping can sometimes be a bit difficult however it is more than worth the effort in the long run, especially with these gorgeous camping spots!

Yes Tor, Dartmoor

Known as the second highest point in Dartmoor this magnificent Tor is famous for its magnificent views and incredible wild camping spots! With a lot of mist rolling over these hills you can be sure that it will feel otherworldly, a great experience! With rolling hills as far as you can see hiding beautiful nooks and that you can sit and eat your lunch. Be careful though as the ministry of defence frequently use these hills as training grounds for live firing drills so make sure to check their website to figure out when the dates are and look out for the red flags! Yes, Tor is also a short trek away from Dartmoor’s true highest peak High Willhays! Overall Yes Tor is a breath-taking experience great for campers who want to try their hand at a bit of wild camping. Watch out for the cows!

Haystacks, Lake District

The haystacks were a favourite location of the great Alfred Wainwright who penned the famous pictorial guides to the Lakeland fells so much so that he requested that his ashes were scattered near the summit, so he could forever be in his favourite view. The haystacks are also very memorable due to their awe-inspiring views of the surrounding peaks of the lake district. Now there are many beautiful camping spots in the lake district but this one absolutely takes the cake for its location, views and friendly locals! With a small car park near to the path leading you up to the haystacks, this path and wild camping spot is perfect for campers with experience! However, don’t let that deter you from trying it out as it truly is a spectacle to behold and well worth a place on this list

Carneddau, Snowdonia

If you are looking for a retreat into miles of woodland and hills, then Carneddau in Snowdonia national park is perfect for this! Covering a vast area of almost 200sq km this beautiful landscape is one you must see! With beautiful spanning rivers and high peaks, Carneddau is one of our nation’s treasures. Wild camping in Carneddau is widely used due to its large land area and amazing sights, however, be warned that these are dangerous mountains so if you are planning to visit keep in mind that weather changes can occur frequently and without warning so pack sensibly! Carneddau is very much a place to visit if you enjoy long walks and great wild camping so be sure to take advantage of good weather when you’re in the area!

The Cairngorms

The Cairngorms national park, a place of impeccable beauty and full of rich and interesting history going back centuries. Outstanding wildlife is on full show in the Cairngorms with multiple endangered species calling it their home as well as loads of rare species of birds, fauna and squirrel. If you’re interested in this sort of thing there are multiple walks with rangers to partake in and even some hidden coves where you can watch ospreys and squirrels in their natural habitat. Wild camping is a brilliant experience here, abundance of wildlife and beautiful views are just a few of the countless things that get it on this list.

Loch Ken, Dumfries & Galloway

The great Loch Ken boasts one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United Kingdom, with the raider’s road not far away this beautiful loch situated next to the Galloway national park is a haven for fishers, campers and bird watchers alike! With a red kite trail on the way to this loch and the whole of the national park to explore there are tons to do and with multiple camping sites situated along its banks and tons of wild camping spots, you will be hard pressed to not find a place that looks right out of a dream! If you are in the area of Dumfries and Galloway do not hesitate to find a camping spot along its banks, you will not be disappointed!